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Adding type definitions #19

merged 17 commits into from Nov 5, 2019

adding an anonymize function

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patrick-fs committed Nov 3, 2019
commit c7ab7360be33dfd8663753696a8f382ab051f9b6
@@ -6,22 +6,27 @@ interface SnippetOptions {
script?: string

export type BrowserApiArg = { [key: string]: any };
interface UserVars {
displayName?: string;
email?: string;
[key: string]: any;

export type LogLevel = 'log' | 'info' | 'warn' | 'error' | 'debug';

// API functions that are available as soon as the snippet has executed.
export function anonymize(): void;
export function consent(userConsents?: boolean): void;
export function disableConsole(): void;
export function enableConsole(): void;
export function event(eventName: string, eventProperties: BrowserApiArg): void;
export function identify(uid: string, customVars?: BrowserApiArg): void;
export function event(eventName: string, eventProperties: { [key: string]: any }): void;
export function identify(uid: string, customVars?: UserVars): void;
export function log(level: LogLevel, ...msg: any[]): void;
export function log(...msg: any[]): void;
export function restart(): void;
export function shutdown(): void;
export function setUserVars(customVars: BrowserApiArg): void;
export function setUserVars(customVars: UserVars): void;
export function init(options: SnippetOptions): void;

// API functions that are available after /rec/page returns.
export function getCurrentSession(): string | null;
export function getCurrentSessionURL(now?: boolean): string | null;
@@ -48,5 +48,6 @@ const initOnce = (fn, message) => (...args) => {

wrappedFS.init = initOnce(init, 'FullStory init has already been called once. Additional invocations are ignored');
wrappedFS.anonymize = () => wrappedFS.identify(false);

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patrick-fs Nov 3, 2019

Author Member

I added anonymize because:

  1. There are plans to add anonymize to the snippet anyway
  2. I twisted myself in knots trying to figure out a meaningful way to express identify(false) as a typed signature: identify(dontAnonymize: boolean) results in a double-negative (ew) and implies that this function call may be required because anonymization is default behavior
  3. identify(true) has no meaning
export default wrappedFS;
@@ -12,11 +12,13 @@ beforeEach(() => {

describe('core', () => {
it('should define snippet functions', () => {
const functions = ['event',
it('should define browser API functions', () => {
const functions = ['anonymize',
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