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Link TV Player

Link TV Player is a standalone Flash® video player, written in ActionScript 3. Developed for and Link TV Platform, the player supports streaming and progressive video sources, as well as YouTube videos.


  • Streaming (RTMP) or progressive (HTTP) video playback
  • MP4 (H.264) and FLV/F4V media support
  • YouTube video support, via the YouTube Chromeless Player API.
  • "High quality" video option
  • Segment/chapter support
  • Embedded display mode




  • config (string): JSON-encoded config object (see below)
  • configUrl (string): URL of JSON config data (valid only if config not provided)

Config object:

  • startTime (integer): Video start time (default: 0)
  • playerId (string): Player DOM ID (required when passing eventHandler)
  • eventHandler (string): JavaScript callback for handling player events
  • embedded (boolean): true for embedded display mode (iframe)
  • permalinkId (string): Video GUID
  • permalinkUrl (string): Video URL
  • streamHost (string): RTMP host, with prefix
  • mediaType (string): "internal" or "youtube"
  • mediaStatus (object)
    • available (boolean)
    • message (string)
  • media (array)
    • (object):
      • url (string): Internal or YouTube URL
      • size (integer): File size, in bytes
  • duration (integer): Video duration, in seconds
  • title (string): Video title
  • description (string): Video description text
  • posterImage (string): Image URL
  • posterAttribution (string): Image attribution text
  • segments (array):
    • (object):
      • id (integer): Numeric ID
      • startTime (integer): Start time, in seconds
      • title (string): Segment title
      • thumbnail (string): Image URL
  • trackPlayUrl (string): URL for tracking play event (POST)
  • userId (string): Optional user ID for play event tracking
  • googleAnalyticsId (string): Google Analytics ID for GA event tracking
  • player (object): Player UI customizations
    • controlsBgColor (string): Hex color
    • controlsBgOpacity (float): Decimal, 0.0 – 1.0
    • controlsTextColor (string): Hex color
    • progressBarTrackColor (string): Hex color
    • progressBarTrackOpacity (float): Decimal, 0.0 – 1.0
    • progressBarLoadColor (string): Hex color
    • progressBarColor (string): Hex color
    • segmentNavColor (string): Hex color
    • segmentNavOpacity (float): Decimal, 0.0 – 1.0
    • segmentNavActiveColor (string): Hex color
    • segmentNavActiveOpacity (float): Decimal, 0.0 – 1.0
    • segmentInfoBgColor (string): Hex color
    • segmentInfoBgOpacity (float): Decimal, 0.0 – 1.0
    • segmentInfoTextColor (string): Hex color
    • headerBgColor (string): Hex color
    • headerBgOpacity (float): Decimal, 0.0 – 1.0
    • headerTextColor (string): Hex color
    • linkTextColor (string): Hex color
    • tooltipBgColor (string): Hex color
    • tooltipBgOpacity (float): Decimal, 0.0 – 1.0
    • tooltipTextColor (string): Hex color

External Methods

  • getCurrentTime(): Returns playhead time, in seconds
  • seekToSegment(segmentId): Seek to beginning of segment


See the examples directory for embedding examples using SWFObject. You may encounter Flash Player security warnings if attempting to run the files locally.


Google Analytics Tracking For Adobe Flash, an Apache 2.0-licensed project, is bundled with this distribution. More information available at


Distributed under the MIT License, copyright (c) 2011 Definition LLC. A project of Link Media, Inc.

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