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-- Fuglu x.x.x, 20XX-XX-XX
* ClamAV plugin: Fix sending large files to ClamAV which caused timeouts
* Attachment plugin: Improve file type detection of unnamed attachments
* Spamassassin plugin: strip attachment function now generates proper mail format
* New Plugin: Sender Rewrite Scheme in module domainauth (imported from fuglu-extra-plugins)
* Fix for CentOS-6 system script to correctly stop all processes
* Configurable check for mail address validity, fail action and message
* Configuration option to remove (default) or keep temporary message files on internal errors (receive,address,unknown)
* new input "att_mgr_cachesize" to define attachment manager cache size
* new input "archiveextractlevel" in FiletypePlugin to define attachment archive extract level
* allow binding incoming ports to different addresses
* extended signature of scan_stream function in AV plugins / new subclass shared.AVScannerPlugin
* tighter integration of dnsquery extension
* Mail attachment manager - "Suspect.att_mgr" - storing all message attachments and message parts
* Attachment objects are created as needed, cached as long as withing the cache limit
* caching framework for member variables and methods
-- Fuglu 0.8.0, 2018-04-23
* Significant improvements of Python 3 support fixing many issues.
* Logging rewrite, log level can now be changed at runtime. Logging will spawn a dedicated process.
* Caching rewrite, caching will spawn a dedicated process.
* Multiprocessing improvements improving performance and fixing many issues.
* Toggle between multithreading and multiprocessing run modes at runtime
* IPv6 support for connections to Postfix and SpamAssassin.
* Allow multiple plugin directories
* SpamAssassin plugin: option to strip attachments from big mails
* ClamAV plugin: option to fallback to clamscan if clamd fails
* New dnsquery extension to faciliate dns lookups
* convenience function is_ham in shared.Suspect
* gitlab CI tests
-- Fuglu 0.7.0, 2018-01-14
* Attachment Plugin:
* support more archive types ( tar.gz, tgz, tar.bz2, .7z)
* extract archives based on detected magic mime type if possible (instead of file ending)
* the plugin now supports scan-time configuration options
* New Plugin: SpearPhish detection
* Improve body text extraction by also extracting multipart/mixed and the message's epilogue
* various refactorings / remove lots of code smell
* suspect: new "blocked" default tag to indicate a message contains unwanted content (blocked attachents etc), but is not strictly malicious like spam/virus
* new tool 'fuglu_client' allows scanning messages from the commandline by either injecting them into a running fuglu
with the Netcat plugin or by starting its own temporary fuglu instance. This is helpful for debugging or running fuglu
in fetchmail like environments
* multi processing mode: instead of running multithreaded the scanning tasks can now run in their own process
* prequeue mode can now be configured to only deliver to one recipient per message - useful in spamtrap setups
* Add IPv6 support in various plugins connecting to other daemons (clamav, spamasassin, drweb, fprot, icap, sssp)
* domainauth plugin: remove hard dependency of pkg_resources
* suspect.to_addr is no longer a writeable member, it has been converted to a property which always returns the first recipient of a message
-- Fuglu 0.6.6, 2016-05-17
* Minimum python version 2.6
* Many changes to start making fuglu python3 compatible
* core: Keep additional groups when dropping privileges
* ScriptFilter : stop() now requires action and message arguments for any action other than DUNNO
* Attachment Plugin: treat .z archives like .zip
* improve DKIMVerify plugin - it is now slightly less experimental and actually works in most cases ;-)
* new experimental Plugin "DomainAuth" ( poor man's DMARC: check if message is either DKIM or SPF authenticated)
* make writing the SpamStatus header configurable
* fix crash when reading null values from db config overrides
* support float values for highspamlevel
* start the fuglu-extra-plugins repository to reduce the amount of mostly unused plugins in the core distro
* new log handlers: Group(Readable|Writable)(Timed)?RotatingFilehandler
* Extracting the client ip address from received headers now supports IPv6
* new helper class fuglu.shared.FileList : maps lines in a file to a list which refreshes automatically
-- Fuglu 0.6.5, 2015-11-19
* core: Fix unquote lines with leading dots in pre-queue mode
* core: Specifiy stricter default permissions for daemon's pidfile
* SuspectFilters: support new fields clienthostname, clientip, clienthelo
* smtp connector: don't crash if a plugin tries to backscatter using REJECT
* Attachment Plugin: improve detection of installed filemagic lib
-- Fuglu 0.6.4, 2015-07-30
* core: warn about known issues/security risks of current version in startup/lint.
Note: This performs a DNS lookup containing *only* the current version number
This check can be disabled by setting [main]versioncheck=0
* core: optimized thread handling to reduce CPU usage
* core: lint now also checks the logging configuration
* F-Prot plugin: support additional scan options
* Attachment plugin: Support rarfile extraction (requires additional lib) and improve zipfile extraction
* Clamav plugin: new experimental option "pipelining" to scan multiple messages over the same connection
* new plugin: DrWeb Antivirus (experimental)
* new appender plugin: statsd sender (experimental) : Send various stats to a statsd/graphite system
* Plugin execution time
* Message decisions
* Per recipient message stats
* plugdummy tool: now supports prepender plugins
-- Fuglu 0.6.3, 2015-03-20
* lint now also checks SuspectFilter files in some plugins
* SuspectFilters: improved HTML stripping
* Attachment plugin: can now check file names in zip archives and extract files from zips to check their content type
* bugfix: Spamassassin plugin no longer treats ham as spam if forwardoriginal=0 and spamheader contains bayes test result
* bugfix: Attachment plugin should no longer cause fuglu to crash under load if python-file is installed
* bugfix: Attachment plugin should now evaluate rules within the same file in the correct order
* suspects now have an additional built-in tag 'scantimes' which contains a list of tuples (<plugin section name>, scan time) - you no longer have to add your custom Myplugin.time tag
Existing plugins no longer write the .time tag themselves.
* the built-in "decisions" tag now uses the plugin's section name instead of the human readable name
-- Fuglu 0.6.2, 2014-09-05
* new Prepender: PluginFraction (basically the opposite of PluginSkipper:include instead of exclude list)
* new tool: fuglu_suspectfilter . Use this to find out which rules in a suspect filter match a sample message
* Spamassassin Plugin: unix domain socket support
* Improved bounce message formatting
* new config: outgoing_host for reinjecting messages into a remote MTA
* the HeaderPlugin has been removed, the plugin was buggy and the functionality is redundant
* Clamav Plugin: removed the deprecated STREAM scan method with INSTREAM
* tuned the internal thread pool which should slightly improve scan performance
* reorganized script directory, added init/systemd scripts for the common linux distributions
* added action DISCARD as alias to DELETE to be more consistent with postfix
* plugdummy tool: can run run multiple plugins in one go, autodetects plugin type, can read messages from stdin
* suspect.get_tag() now takes a default argument which will be returned if the requested tag is not found
-- Fuglu 0.6.1, 2013-11-15
* new Plugin: ScriptFilter (dynamically loaded filter scripts)
* new (experimental) domain authentication plugins: DKIM Sign / Verify, SPF Check
* Archive Plugin:
* new options chown/chgrp/chmod to change owner/permissions of archived file
* storage directory and filename are now configurable using templates. "makedomainsubdir" option is deprecated
* fuglu start script has more common options like --foreground, --pidfile, -c <configfile>
* milter protocol: some improvements. It "should work" but has not received much testing
* Antivirus plugins: Increased default timeout to 30 sec
* Prequeue Bugfix: correctly close connection to 2nd postfix instance when message is deferred/rejected/discarded
* Fuglu doesn't completely shut down anymore if one connector fails to start
* SQL extension: (experimental) Some configuration values can now be dynamically loaded from a database
* Reduce log and header noise: The log template is now configurable, removed tag logging by default (use ${tags} in logtemplate to get the old behaviour)
The suspect-id header can now be disabled
* has new options (show default plugin config, lint plugin)
* Spamassassin Plugin: now can pass "temporary headers" to SA. read from tag `SAPlugin.tempheader`. These headers are only visible to Spamassassin.
* apply_template now takes a callbackfunction which allows modifying the built-in values before the template is applied
* to add support for configuration domain/user overrides from a database use a fuglu.extension.sql.DBConfig object instead of self.config
* suspectfilter get_args can now optionally return extended info about a match (matched field, used regex, matched value)
* suspect has a new method get_client_info which tries to extract helo, ip and reverse dns information from received headers
* fuglu_control has a new command 'netconsole' which starts a python interactive shell on a network socket. This allows runtime debugging of plugins or fuglu itself.
-- Fuglu 0.6.0, 2012-07-04
* various bugfixes and improvements in before-queue support
* new Plugin: ActionOverride (Custom action based on filter)
* new Plugin: F-prot Antivirus
* new Plugin: SSSP (Sophos Antivirus scan over SSSP Prodocol / SAVDI)
* new Plugin: ICAP (Antivirus scan over ICAP - Sophos/Symantec/...)
* new Plugin: Killer (Deletes All messages) - used in some special setups
* Vacation Plugin: Now supports domain wide ooo messages
* SuspectFilter Files now have support advanced regex format /<perl style regular expression>/<modifiers>
* Archive Plugin: Improved Logging
* Attachment Plugin: bugfix, sendbounce option could not be disabled
* Spamassassin Plugin: bugfix, better detection of spamflag header
* Clamav Plugin / Spamassassin Plugin / Attachment Plugin: new option 'rejectmessage' for before queue rejects
* improved core support for multi recipient messages. it is no longer absoultely required to set fuglu_*_destination_recipient_limit=1
(but some plugins still only act on the first recipient)
* outgoinghelo is no longer mandatory, fuglu auto-detects the local hostname if the config option is empty
* new tool: fuglu_conf to export current config, show differences from the default (fuglu_conf -n) etc
* the message returned to the connecting client is now configurable
* suspect.addheader() has a new 'immediate' option to make headers visible for consecutive plugins. by default, headers are only added before re-injecting
* Spamassassin Plugin: writes new tag "SAPlugin.skipreason' if the message was not scanned
* new way of defining required config variables. plugins can now provide defaults and config option descriptions.
important: for default values to work, make sure your plugin doesn't read it's own config values in __init__ !
* Suspect.getSource() now has an optional maxsize parameter to limit the amount of body data read into memory
* new development tool: '', dry-run and debug your plugins without a running fuglu
-- Fuglu 0.5.0, Released 2011-10-28
* started changelog ;-)
* bugfix: Milter protocol errors
* bugfix: Incorrect unquoting of two leading dots in smtp transactions could lead to broken s/mime sigs
* A few plugins now have a 'PROBLEMACTION' so it is now configurable if a message should be deferred or accepted if for example the clamav daemon is not reachable
* new option: [main] trashlog (boolean), default False, if True, Fuglu writes a 00-fuglutrash.log file in the trashdir listing all deleted messages
* SuspectFilters (previously 'HeaderFilters'):
* now supports header wildcard (Character '*')
* accepts colon at the end
* alias "from_address" for envelope_from and "to_address" for envelope_to
* new type: 'mime:<headername>' to check mime headers in all attachments
* new type: 'body:stripped' (or just 'body') to match all text parts with html tags removed and newlines replaced by space
* new type: 'body:raw' to match the decoded body in all text/* parts
* new type: 'body:full' to match the full undecoded body
* bugfix: regexes now match everywhere in the field, not just at the beginning
* Attachment Plugin:
* Configuration of attachment rules can now be read from a database table (sql extension)
* Support rule configuration from sql
* Support both 'python-magic' and 'python-file' libraries
* Improved log messages
* "BOUNCE" action has been removed and replaced with the config option 'sendbounce'
* Archive Plugin:
* Allow archive exception rules (append "no" to the regex)
* Messages are now stored as '<suspect-id>.eml' instead of a random string
* Clamav Plugin:
* Virusaction is now configurable
* Spamassassin Plugin:
* now Supports lowspam / highspam configuration
* new option "scanoriginal" -> Scans the unmodified original message (not the probably modified version from other plugins)
* new option "forwardoriginal" -> Does forward the original message source to the next plugin, without modified SA-Headers
* Suspects now also have a "highspam" tag which allows different behavior based on whether a message is "probably" or "definitely" spam
* if a plugin cannot be loaded, a full stack trace is displayed
* Appenderplugins can now read the tag "injectanswer" which contains the final smtp answer from SMTP reinjects
* (sql extension) DBFiles allow reading sql tables and treat them like config files
* HeaderFilter is now called SuspectFilter
-- Fuglu 0.4.5, Released 2010-05-20