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HTML5 Server-Sent Events in Perl by Fumiaki Yoshimatsu

Presented at NY Perl Mongers meetup, Aug. 26th, 2014.

Server-Sent Events (SSE) is an easy way to handle "push notifications" from a server to your browser over HTTP connection in the form of events. This talk will go through basic stuff you need in your server side implementation in Perl to send events to browsers (or any HTTP clients), and will show as an example of a real world implementation, how it is used in Peatix.

About the presenter:

Fumiaki Yoshimatsu is a senior software engineer working for Peatix. He started writing code in Perl when he joined Six Apart as a programmer in Movable Type team. Since then he has been writing web-based software mostly in Perl. He moved to New York from Tokyo when Peatix opened a US office in NYC.