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Samba-VirusFilter - On-access anti-virus filter for Samba
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build Fix the build and warnings on Solaris 10 with Sun Studio 11
test Test: Add test case for "cache entry limit" option
CHANGES Prepare to release 0.1.4
COPYING Initial commit
INSTALL Update code to work with samba4 configure: Fix savdid and fsavd detection for test README: Add TODO items
aclocal.m4 "Hello Samba 3.5+, Good-bye 3.4-" changes
wscript_build Update code to work with samba4

Samba-VirusFilter - On-access anti-virus filter for Samba

What's this?

This is a set of various Samba VFS modules to scan and filter virus files on Samba file services with an anti-virus scanner.

This software is freely distributable under the GNU public license, a copy of which you should have received with this software (in a file called COPYING).

For installation instructions, please refer to the INSTALL file.

Supported Anti-Virus engines


Commercial support for Samba & Samba-VirusFilter



For Samba 4 integration / inclusion:

  • More enhancements, fixes and others for Samba 4.x and remove Samba 3.x support
  • Use and add test suite in Samba source
  • Write manpages
  • Replace own "stupid" result cache implementation with Samba memcache implementation or another

For general:

  • Remove a cache entry on close if file was modified when svf-*:scan on open = yes and svf-*:scan on close = no
  • Support other anti-virus engines:
    • External command
    • misc.
  • Extend quarantine options:
    • svf-*:quarantine keep tree = yes
    • svf-*:quarantine keep name = yes
    • svf-*:quarantine suffix = .infected
  • Support "rename" action:
    • svf-*:infected file action = rename
    • svf-*:rename prefix = svf.
    • svf-*:rename suffix = .infected
  • More test cases
  • clamd privileges (root or group that has rights to access Samba shares)
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