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Clojars Project

A promise library & concurrency toolkit for Clojure and ClojureScript.

This library exposes a bunch of usefull syntactic abstractions that will considerably simplify to work with promises (in a very similar way as you will do it in JS with async/await) and many helpers from executors to concurrency patterns (bulkhead & CSP). With 0 runtime external dependencies.

Here you can look a detailed documentation.

Getting Started


funcool/promesa {:mvn/version "10.0.571"}


[funcool/promesa "10.0.571"]

On the REPL

(require '[promesa.core :as p])

(->> (p/promise 1)
     (p/map inc)
;; => 2


If you miss something, feel free to open an issue for a discussion. If there is a clear use case for the proposed enhacement, the PR will be more thank welcome.


Run the Clojure (.clj) tests:

clojure -X:dev:test

Run the ClojureScript (.cljs) tests:

npm install
npm test