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# Changelog #

## Version 2.0.0 ##

Date: unreleased

This is a breaking change release. Finally bluebird is gone in favour
of using the ES6 builtin Promise object. This removes the overhead (in
size) of the additional external library.

The reason of using bluebird initially was because native promises performed
badly, but in new versions javascript engines the performance and memory
usage is improved significantly. In any case you can still use the bluebird
if you want, thanks to the new functions:

- `set-default-promise!`: enables the user setting up a custom promise
constructor as default one for *promesa* library.
- `extend-promise!`: enables the user to use a custom promise
implementation with *promesa* library abstractions.

Other (also probably breaking) changes:

- `timeout` is now implemented in terms of internal scheduler
facilities (bluebird impl was used previously) and it is now
available for clojure (jvm).
- `any` is reimplemented in clj/cljs and now accepts an additional
argument for setting the default return value if promise is
resolved. If default value is not provided, an ExceptionInfo will be

## Version 1.9.0 ##

Date: 2018-08-03

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