Remote control your ar-drone 2 via your browser
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Getting started

Connect to your ar drone 2 via WLAN, then run node.server.js open up localhost:3001 and you're ready to go.

Use W, A, S, D to move front, back and sideways. Use your cursors to go up/down or turn clockwise/counter clockwise. Some animations can be triggered with 1-4 SPACE for taking of and esc for landing.

When you crash use e to recover from emergency mode.

This project is heavily inspired from . I just removed the three.js part and ported it from to faye since I like that better.


You can install/update the node dependencies via npm install -d. Dependencies for client code are managed via bower ( ). You need to have ffmpeg installed (it's used for the picture stuff)


This is how it looks like in action: drone browser in chrome


  • use getUserMedia/the webcam to control the drone (like magic xylophone...)
  • add a slider to make the speed/duration of actions configurable
  • toggle between takeoff/land buttons or disable takeoff button after takeoff...
  • mayby change the "recover" button to send a land command first (because otherwise the drone tries to start again...)
  • only show the recover button when the drone is in emergency mode
  • use canvas to draw angle-stuff or rotate the picture stream accordingly
  • get rid of the (sometimes) long lag of the picture stream
  • makte it work without ffmpeg (skip the picture stuff then....)