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Demonstration of how to use Git and Maven to manage code for a WCI IDK Portlet that lists a few of a user's latest tweets from Twitter.
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Use Maven to create a WCI Portlet

This is an example of how Maven can be used to help manage jar dependencies to develop a WCI Portlet. This portlet displays a few of your most recent tweets from Twitter. Please see the the Everything Maven Part 2 - Twitter Portlet article for more detail.


In order to compile and build this code, you'll need the following:


  1. Open 'pom.xml', find the xml snippet below, and update with your twitter login and password

    Your Twitter Login Your Twitter Password ...
  2. The following command will test to make sure the code can connect to twitter and retrieve some tweets using the credentials you entered in the pom. If tests pass, it will build a war under a directory named 'target'.

    mvn install

  3. Deploy the war file to your portlet server. For example, you can drop the war into TOMCAT_HOME/webapps

  4. Import the pte file to create appropriate portal objects (Remote Server, Web Service, and Portlet) (coming soon)

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