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Event Horizon

NOTE: major refactoring underway. Event Horizon started as a promising R&D project that wasn't production-ready due to its persistence layer not being a highly available datastore.

The v1 was solid as far as the (code-side) UX in the using application was concerned, so I took what was good in v1 and started building v2 with a better, easier persistence layer (AWS DynamoDB).

This document is work-in-progress and describes the progress of the EventHorizon v2.

If you want, you can browse the repository at the old version.




  1. Setting up data storage

Sample applications using EventHorizon

These apps use EventHorizon:

Consistency model

On use cases that require consistency, it is provided via optimistic locking. Optimistic locking means that if you don't want to sometimes show error message for user to try again (this would be bad UX), your application has to re-try the write:

  • refresh its read model so you have the data that caused the conflict
  • run the validations again
  • append the event again

There's a helper for this: Reader.TransactWrite and here's how using it looks in a real-world application.

There's even a test that tests for conflicts on concurrent writes.

How does it look in my application?

See pkg/ehreader/reader_test.go for example test case that demoes how to use the reader to read data from EventHorizon.

I hope you can see from the test code that we also great testability support for implementors of EventsProcessor interface where you don't have to do anything special for your production code to be testable.

For receiving realtime data you would call Reader.Synchronizer.


Our events table and snapshots table mostly follow the design from page 41 onwards in CQRS Documents by Greg Young.


Enables log-based architectures with realtime streaming, unlimited storage, compression and encryption.





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