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Thought the koans could use a little positive feedback #5

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I like the idea here, especially considering cases where one accidentally writes an infinite loop or something, so you see exactly where the problem is.

It does seem like this will make the output pretty noisy for koan projects with lots of files, once you get near the end. I'm interested to hear whether others think that's a problem or not. I think it's probably fine, since the actual error will always be at the bottom of the output.

Any opinions on this, @abedra & @sritchie?


Ack, really sorry I lost track of this @wcbarksdale (feel free to poke me next time!). I cherry-picked this in as 7f2c62b with two very small changes: getting rid of a space and taking out the word "ok", which I think can be inferred.

Thanks a bunch!

@trptcolin trptcolin closed this
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Commits on Mar 16, 2012
  1. @wcbarksdale
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  1. +5 −1 src/koan_engine/koans.clj
6 src/koan_engine/koans.clj
@@ -23,8 +23,12 @@
(defn tests-pass? [dojo-path file-path]
(u/with-dojo [dojo-path]
+ (print "Considering" file-path "...")
+ (flush)
(try (load-file file-path)
- true
+ (do
+ (println "ok")
+ true)
(catch Exception e
(println "Problem in" file-path)
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