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Note: as of 0.10, release notes are available on each release in GitHub -


  • Empty deflated streams are now handled properly #865
  • concurrent.join now fails when outer stream terminated #869


  • Fixed memory leak in concurrent.join where up to maxOpen streams that had finished executing were kept in memory until the end of the outer stream was reached. #834
  • Fixed a bug in, ensuring bytes are converted to 0-255 before being returned.
  • Added pipe2.pause and Stream#pause combinators -- similar to interrupt but allows the stream to be resumed.
  • Added Stream#evalScan - a variant of scan where the supplied function returns an effectful value.
  • Added pipe.unNone and Stream#unNone, which converts a Stream[F, Option[A]] to a Stream[F, A], ignoring any None values.


  • Fixed memory leak in Stream#runFoldScope introduced by #808.
  • Added OSGi metadata to the core and io JARs.


  • Fixed memory leak in Signal#discrete. #799
  • Significant performance improvements, especially in map-heavy streams. #776 #784
  • Fixed bug in runFold which resulted in finalizers being skipped if stream used uncons at root without a scope. #808.
  • Improved TCP socket buffer management - read buffer is shared now instead of being allocated on each socket read. #809
  • Added >> to Stream.
  • Added head to Stream and pipe.
  • Added unfoldChunk and unfoldChunkEval to Stream.
  • Added fromAttempt to Task.


  • Fixed a bug where traversing a list or vector evaluated effects in reverse order. #746
  • Fixed to and tov so that the output of the sink is not drained. #754
  • Fixed a bug in Task.Ref where a set after an access set did not result in no-op. #749
  • Added groupBy to Stream and Pipe.


  • Fixed bug where a stream with a map or flatMap after an onError would result in the error handler not getting run. #735


  • First release of new design.
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