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This project is the work of numerous individuals. Names are listed below, ordered alphabetically by last name, along with a brief description of each person's role and contributions.

Each individual maintains their own description, and if you don't see your name listed here, please do open a PR!

Also see the GitHub contributor stats.

  • Zainab Ali (@zainab-ali): reactive streams implementation
  • Diego Alonso (@diesalbla: optimised implementation of internal FreeC type.
  • Paul Chiusano (@pchiusano): project founder and maintainer
  • Pavel Chlupáček (@pchlupacek): concurrency, original implementation of Append algebra
  • Gary Coady (@fiadliel): NIO file implementation, port of compress from scalaz-stream, other minor features
  • Fabio Labella (@SystemFw): new concurrency scheme with Ref + Deferred, compile.resource., maintenance
  • Alissa Pajer (@alissapajer): concurrency bug hunting, features, maintenance
  • Daniel Spiewak (@djspiewak): concurrency plumbing, bug fixes, performance and correctness obsession
  • Frank S. Thomas (@fthomas): a lot of Process1 functions, features, bug fixes, and maintenance
  • Rúnar Ó. Bjarnason (@runarorama): Various processes and combinators, circular buffers, compression. I'm an ideas man, Michael.
  • Jed Wesley-Smith (@jedws): really very minor tweaks, cleanups and pestering, hardly worth the mention
  • Michael Pilquist (@mpilquist): 0.9 redesign work, maintenance
  • Daniel Urban (@durban): queue peek implementation
  • Tamer Abdulradi (@tabdulradi): implementation of scanMap and scanMonoid
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