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@@ -144,6 +144,7 @@ If you have a project you'd like to include in this list, either open a PR or le
* [fs2-redis]( Redis stream-based client built on top of Fs2 / Cats Effect.
* [fs2-ssh]( A wrapper around Apache SSHD targeting cats-effect and fs2.
* [fs2-zk]( Simple Apache Zookeeper bindings for fs2.
* [fs2-ftp]( Simple client for Ftp/Ftps/Sftp using fs2 and cats-effect.
* [http4s]( Minimal, idiomatic Scala interface for HTTP services using fs2.
* [mongosaur]( fs2-based MongoDB driver.
* [scarctic]( fs2-based driver for [MAN/AHL's Arctic]( data store.

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