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Functional Vilnius web

Build Status

This repo holds the sources of

The website is built using Hakyll. It is automatically deployed after commits to the source branch are made.

How it works

The setup is a combination of this and this.

The default branch is source (not master!), which contains the website source. When you push to source, a Travis CI hook builds the website using Hakyll and pushes the artifacts to the master branch. See the .travis.yml config file for details.

Developing locally

To develop locally, first clone the repo and install the dependencies (i.e. Hakyll)

git clone fv-web
cd fv-web
cabal sandbox init
cabal install

After you edit the website, just run


The generated web site will be in the folder _site/. You can also tell Hakyll to watch for edits live and serve the website by running

cabal run watch