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Release 3.1

Released: May 2012


New features:

  • List.mapMOption - list traversal in the Option monad.

  • List.allEqual - Returns whether or not all elements in the list are equal.

  • Added a monoid for Double.

  • Tree.bottomUp - Grows a tree from another tree by folding it from the bottom up.

  • Strings.isNotNullOrEmpty - does what it says.

  • Ord.hashOrd - an order instance that uses hashCode() for the order.

  • Ord.hashEqualsOrd - same as above but also uses .equals()

  • Set.set - A vararg Set factory method.

  • Added first-class functions for Set intersect, union, and minus.

  • First-class LazyString.toString.

  • Added hashCode() and equals() to Option.

  • Iteratees and an IO monad.

  • Trampoline - a general solution for tail-call elimination in Java.

  • List.equals(), List.hashCode(), and List.toString().

Bug fixes:

  • Stream.inits should always be nonempty.

  • Stream was not compiling in Eclipse.

  • Stream.length is now tail-recursive.

  • TreeZipper.delete was flipping lefts and rights.

  • Fixed naturalOrd Javadoc.