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Release 4.2

Released: 20 December, 2014


  • Added Java 8 examples

  • Added new website

  • Added Option.none_()

  • Gradle 2.2.1 support with wrapper

  • Added to Strings: isNullOrEmpty, isNullOrBlank and isNotNullOrBlank

  • Added Try with arity 0-8 for lambdas that throw exceptions

  • Added Effect with arity 0-8 for lambdas with a void return

  • Added TryEffect with arity 0-8 for lambdas with a void return that throw an Exception.

  • Conversion from Java 8 types to Functional Java types and vice-versa

  • Added monadic IO methods

  • Support instantiation of IO with lambdas

  • Added first class cons_ for List

  • Added partial application of first parameter for F 1-8

  • Added SafeIO that encodes IOExceptions into Validations

  • Added simple RNG

  • Added Reader, Writer and State

  • Deprecated $._

  • Added Array.scan family of methods

  • Support instantiating P1 values using lambdas to P.lazy

  • Added toString for Validation, P arities 1 to 8, Either

  • Added vending machine demo

  • Added Option.toValidation

  • Added map and contramap for F and F2.

  • Added partial application for F1.

  • Added filter and uncurried foldLeft and foldRight to FingerTree.

  • Added foldLeft, foldRight and map to Seq.

  • Accumulate Validation errors in a List.

  • Convert from to java.util.Stream and vice versa.

  • Added groupBy on List.


  • Various Javadoc issues

  • Large inserts into TreeMap

  • Javadoc support for Java 8

  • Null parameter NullPointerException for Show.anyShow

  • Exception propagation in test data generators

  • Product memoisation for arities 1 to 8

  • ClassCastException in class

  • Fixed performance of Set.member.