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Release 4.5

Released: 15 February 2016


  • Added Seq toList and delete (#198).

  • Added functions to P1: map_, liftM2, sequence (#200).

  • Added liftM2 to Option (#201).

  • Added headOption and tailOption to List (#202).

  • Replaced usage of P1 with F0 in Stream orTail, sequence and cons (#203).

  • Added Arbitrary.arbSet (48d4c8358f1257e2126726be0808b48568f372bf).

  • Added to Arbitrary arbitrary lists for integer, string, boolean and double (#183).

  • Updated Stream.toList using List.Buffer for performance (#180).

  • Added java-core module for simple handling of core Java types, e.g. List map, bind, filter, fold (4611c3524eca1786c112fcae0a727f2243b2d492, 13ebd6f22db7a8bf8247f0f4ea4ac3cd8afef4b9).

  • Added Tree isLeaf and length (#185).

  • Added min and max to Set (#176).

  • Added min, minKey, max and maxKey for TreeMap. Added arbitrary TreeMap’s (#176).

  • Added ordering a P2 by first or second element in the tuple (#175).

  • Added Set.toStream (#175).

  • Added TreeMap.toList (#175).

  • Added toListReverse and toStreamReverse for Set and TreeMap (#177).

  • Added headOption to Seq and FingerTree. Added length to FingerTree (7e1d3a9300af84b3c4c5204e4b7a5a0e89c44303).

  • Added Stream.enumerationStream (0028ef0f8e6a36b77cbd75b29e92d77eacc167bd).

  • Support use of FunctionalJava on Java 6 runtime (67f1fc9f2c35479bf18d9ef948062e01ef740d5e).

  • Added Void, a logically uninhabited type (#193).

  • Log n multiply for Semigroup/Monoid (61ec2b09e5acc629f334d7c4264a92b99dd9fd3b).

  • Added coverage badge.

  • Added Stream.toJavaList

  • Added support to create types from standard Java iterable, iterator and array types.

  • Added support to convert to standard java.util.* classes for standard types where similar java.util class exists.

  • Added difference list support (DList, #214).

  • Made Array.ImmutableProjection static (#210).

  • Added Gitter room and badge at the top of the main Github page.


  • Fixed constructors of fixed length monomorphic traversal (#179).

  • Fixed defect in Buffer.copy (#181).

  • Fixed order of foldMap for Set which switch the left and right branches (#205).

  • Fixed List.intersperse to use heap, not stack space (#188).

  • Fixed Validation.accumulate for 4 validations (#190).

  • Avoid stackoverflow for List.splitAt (0ca0e13a4106e7dad676b9c389e7ea3b79854c62).

  • Avoid stackoverflow for List.take (aec491c84c7c7761f8a1ddddd67b4678b485c1af).

  • Resolved overloaded List methods (d3e99ced4ec5f3ae4c4066a02a50da55ffc981b2).


  • Added @SafeVargs to suppress various unchecked warnings (#174).

  • Suppressed various unchecked compiler warnings (9853c6a26309cf9f4936d431a6bc65b4c37550b1).

  • Added compiler warnings for unchecked and deprecation (#204).

  • Simplified code to avoid function creation and inner static class (#179).

  • Upgraded to Gradle 2.10.

  • Added example of badly creating a Stream from an iterator (d38a694f9f1728417cb178c685850f627b10bf5b).

  • Configure Retro Lambda using variables (6aa26bcb56dd43d36bede2e8c34cbb21f69c1c8a).

  • Updated package fj, fj.control,,,,, fj.function, fj.parser to use lambdas (#206).

  • Added test coverage report, run "gradlew jacocoRootReport coveralls", report is under root/build/reports/jacoco/coverage/html/index.html (#207).

  • Updated Travis CI to use latest Java 8 (8ddc11546badbeafb0b16bc1e0fb922b06f23079).

  • Replaced usage of new P1 with P.lazy (2d6a8dd4412220a749331b6ffec45bd720ac7479).

  • Replaced P1 with F0 instances where possible (5b8248c51445e92aa8c8ff241e717f909a5bdd63, 0ca5248a3016209c9e62df509a79ed9432421322).

  • Replace anonymous F2 instances with lambdas (b438b1b89705f6d0bfd5e7c31bd217d173c43dfc).

  • Replace anonymous F3 instances with lambdas (721118902a5af76665df347b073534debf384f69).

  • Added coverall integration, submodules not consolidated into single report.

  • Replaced annonymous P2 with static constructor (#189, 92f663384541dfbea013c14b7f60951d925bcd26).

  • Created performance module to keep code demonstrating performance based reasoning.

  • Added JUnit for Doubles (#226).

Breaking Changes

  • Made Array.ImmutableProjection static (#210). This previously forced usage by Array<TypeName>.ImmutableProjection<TypeName> or Array<?>.ImmutableProjection<TypeName>.


  • Added release process doc (#174).


  • Mark Perry

  • Zheka Kozlov

  • Jean-Baptiste Giraudeau

  • Shintaro Murakami

  • @daneko

  • Gabor Liptak

  • Michal Samek

  • Clinton Selke

  • Roy Brokvam