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Curly Brackets 2016 is a contest for the best talk ever performed at meet.js Summit conference.

How to vote?

Find your favourite talk in Issues added to this repository and add "+1" (including 👍, if you like emoji) comment there – any comments that include "+1" will be counted.


You can vote only for one talk. Only first, the oldest "+1" comment added by you will be valid – other votes will be ignored.

Votes from accounts created after February 24, 2016, or from which the sign up date is not available, will be ignored.

Winners and prizes

On March 10 we are going to count the votes. The winner will be a person whose talk gets the most votes. We will announce the results during meet.js Summit conference on March 19 when we will give away a special prize and a Curly Brackets 2016 statuette to the winner(s).