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Curly Brackets 2016 is a contest for the best talk ever performed at meet.js Summit conference.

##How to vote?##

Find your favourite talk in Issues added to this repository and add "+1" (including 👍, if you like emoji) comment there – any comments that include "+1" will be counted.


You can vote only for one talk. Only first, the oldest "+1" comment added by you will be valid – other votes will be ignored.

Votes from accounts created after February 24, 2016, or from which the sign up date is not available, will be ignored.

##Winners and prizes##

On March 10 we are going to count the votes. The winner will be a person whose talk gets the most votes. We will announce the results during meet.js Summit conference on March 19 when we will give away a special prize and a Curly Brackets 2016 statuette to the winner(s).