Elisp package to simplify posting text to textsnip.com
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This file adds a command called “post-to-textsnip”. When invoked, it will post text to textsnip.com for simple/formatted sharing. If invoked with an active region, it will use the text within that region, else it will use the entirety of the text within the current buffer. The resulting url from textsnip will then be placed in the kill-ring, as well as the os clipboard where applicable. If the current major mode is listed in textsnip/mode-alist, the url will be ammended with the corresponding textsnip mode for convenience (saves a mouse click or two).


This package depends on the package http-post-simple, which can be attained at http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/http-post-simple.el


To install, copy this file to a path accessible by emacs (specified in load-path), and require it using: (require ‘textsnip)


To use, invoke with M-x “post-to-textsnip”. This can optionally be bound to a key sequence.