Implement of CGMM-MVDR beamforming
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The python version of scripts now perfermance badly(may have some logical errors), please refer to apply_cgmm_beamforming.m, which works ok.

Update: Newest version in cgmm-mask-estimator


install voicebox for MATLAB first.

copy and apply_cgmm_beamforming.m to local/, then run followings instead of baseline local/ commands

local/ --nj 15 $chime4_data/data/audio/16kHz/isolated_6ch_track/ $enhancement_data


  • 6ch
Methods dev-simu dev-real eval-simu eval-real
Beamformit(SAT) 14.36% 12.99% 21.24% 21.55%
CGMM(SAT) 11.38% 11.30% 15.34% 17.27%
Beamformit(DNN) 10.29% 9.59% 15.79% 16.73%
CGMM(DNN) 7.69% 8.40% 10.82% 13.51%
Beamformit(sMBR) 9.11% 8.46% 14.54% 15.07%
CGMM(sMBR) 6.88% 7.58% 10.15% 12.12%


T. Higuchi, N. Ito, T. Yoshioka, and T. Nakatani, "Robust mvdr beamforming using time-frequency masks for online/offline asr in noise," in ICASSP, 2016.