A set of programs for the taxonomic analysis of nucleotide sequence data
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A set of programs for the taxonomic analysis of nucleotide sequence data


This is the source code for the taxator toolkit. If you are looking for pre-packaged programs or sample refpacks for taxonomic assignment, please go to the official download page.

Issues concerning the extended version (binaries, workflow scripts etc.) which you have downloaded from the official download page should be mailed to us (see contact below).

Issues which apply to the taxator-tk core can be filed in the official GitHub repository.


Please see separate documentation: install guide and usage instructions.

Code licensing

The taxator-tk source is licensend under the GPLv3 and builds on the following software components:

More information can be found in the folder licenses and in the header source code.

Acknowledgments and contact

We acknowledge the work done by the contributors of the SeqAn and BOOST projects as well as the author(s) of the tree.hh classes and all other anonymous contributors.

For any questions, feedback or complaints, contact johannes.droege@uni-duesseldorf.de

Please, if you use this software and publish a paper, cite

J. Dröge, I. Gregor, and A. C. McHardy 
Taxator-tk: precise taxonomic assignment of metagenomes by fast approximation of evolutionary neighborhoods
Bioinformatics 2015 31: 817-824.
doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btu745