Graph the ControlByWeb temperature module and Nest Thermostat in rrdtool
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A project to graph temperature data from the ControlByWeb temperature module and the Nest Thermostat into rrdtool. Nest Thermostat data retrieved via nest-api. Send your temperature reading to the Weather Underground Personal Weather Station network as well.

Sample 24 hour graph

Blog post here.

Getting started

After you clone this repo, run a git submodule init then git submodule update to get the nest-api submodule checked out as well (files will be under vendor/nest-api)

In enter the following info:

  • Your Nest login & password.
  • The url to the ControlByWeb temperature module's XML status page
  • Your wunderground PWS station ID & password

Create your temperature RRD (see

Set up 2 cronjobs to run the polling and graphing scripts

*/5 * * * * php -f /path/to/temperatures.php | xargs /path/to/rrdupdate /path/to/temperatures.rrd
*/2 * * * * /path/to/ >/dev/null 2>&1