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%meta(name='viewport' content='width=680, maximum-scale=1.0')
%link(rel='stylesheet' href='/site.css' type='text/css' media='screen' title='default style sheet')
%h1 Flickr Group Viewer
Use Flickr Group Viewer to quickly browse through the photographs in
a flickr group. Drop the group URL into the form below. You can
browse between photographs (and pages) using the j/k keys on your
%form(action='/group' method='post' name='search')
%label(for='searchbox') Flickr Group URL:
%input#searchbox(type='url' name='url' value='')
%input#ok(type='submit' value='OK')
Here are some group pools I think are pretty damn good:
<a href="/group/474579@N20">Contract Killers</a>,
<a href="/group/94761711@N00">Hardcore Street Photography</a>,
<a href="/group/868185@N20">La Familia Abrazada</a>,
<a href="/group/760034@N25">La Pura Vida</a>,
<a href="/group/755579@N24">Photographs on the Brain</a>,
<a href="/group/1048863@N23">Your Photo Isn't Really That Great</a>.
%p Site designed and built by <a href="">Ramanan Sivaranjan</a>.
= haml(:_analytics, :layout => false)
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