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v0.3 - 2012-06-XX
[FIX] small improvement to the gpu particle system
[FIX] removes color picker on gpu particle test
[NEW] first attempt on new particle systems
[FIX] fixes blending on the gpu particle system
[FIX] small improvement on labelBlock
[FIX] more interesting base64 texture test
[FIX] changes tex mag function to GL_LINEAR
[FIX] fixes MoveAction
[NEW] adds support for inline images
[NEW] renaming particles to GPU particles
[NEW] setPosition now accepts values
[FIX] adds getPosition
[FIX] adds several missing getters
[FIX] updates perf test, adds support for canvas mode
[FIX] updates settings when on canvas mode
[NEW] adds new CallbackAction
[NEW] adds preserveDrawingBuffer to the webglContext
[NEW] adds getContentSize
[FIX] fixes bug in rendering
[NEW] adds support for default asset handler
[NEW] adds Block.boundingBox
[NEW] adds wiggle action
[FIX] fixes bug when that prevented removing an action
[NEW] makefile includes to define paths
[NEW] adds CORS support for textures
[NEW] test for label blocks
[NEW] somewhat working labelBlock
[FIX] better support for NPOT
[NEW] changes version
[FIX] fixes analytics code in examples
[FIX] moves anonymous functions to TMXBlock
[FIX] updates read me
[NEW] adds isPaused
[FIX] adds Authors and Changelog
[FIX] fixes indentation
[FIX] Added a small fudge factor on texture edges so TMX tiles look right.
[NEW] tests for multiple layers on tmx files
[NEW] adds support for tmx layers
[FIX] forces ECMASCRIPT 5 strict
[NEW] adds enter and leave mouse events
[FIX] adds support for NPOT textures
[FIX] fixes pause
[FIX] fixes rotation for canvas mode
[NEW] adds getLastSampledMpf
[FIX] improves performance test
[FIX] improves blockGroup
[FIX] improved actions
[FIX] small performance improvement for mouse events
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