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test project showcasing the javascript bindings for cocos2d-x

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Simple iOS (and soon Android) example of cocos2d-x game running javascript bindings

NOTE This is a WIP and the bindings are not yet complete! What's working:

CCPoint CCSize CCRect CCDirector CCNode CCSprite CCScene CCSpriteFrameCache CCSpriteFrame CCAction CCAnimate CCAnimation CCRepeatForever CCLayer CCTouch CCSet CCMoveBy CCMoveTo CCRotateTo CCRotateBy CCRenderTexture

This is just a proof of concept and there are plans around this in order to make a more js-friendly API, right now the bindings were created automatically and the final idea is not to use them as they are but to create a higher level wrapper.

You can follow the progress of the js-bindings in the current development fork.

For a sneak peak, you can take a look at what's in the JS directory.

How to Build


Just open the xcode project and run. It's using the latest spidermonkey and js-bindings for cocos2d-x


Instructions to be added here

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