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  • Use ActivityStreams as our common language (JSON-only)
  • have a bunch of encoders/decoders to convert to and from ActivityStreams format
    • For example, Twitter->ASJSON, ASJSON->Plurk. Now your Plurk client can read Twitter data after it passed through HoneyBadger

passing data through honeybadger

  • imaging HoneyBadger listening locally on port 9000


  • HoneyBadger receives the request at /get
    • it makes it's own GET to the URL defined in resource
    • Authentication headers would be proxied to the resource
    • HB gets it's response back from Twitter
    • the response data is converted into ASJSON format from the expected input format
    • if an output format is specified, the ASJSON data is converted into into the requested format. Otherwise, we use ASJON for the output
    • HoneyBadger responds to the original request with the data in the reqeusted format
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