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An interactive php shell with support for readline, autocomplete, and fatal-error tolerance.

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iphp - Interactive PHP Shell

iphp is an interactive php shell that solves a number of painful problems with normal php shells:

  • Fatal Error handling - iphp doesn't die even if your code does.
  • optional readline support
  • readline support includes: autocomplete, history, line editing
  • support ctags tags files
  • implemented as a class for integration with your framework
  • support for require/include; you can load php files within iphp
  • extensible command system


php> new ArrayObject(array(1,2))

=> ArrayObject Object
    [0] => 1
    [1] => 2

php> $_[0] + 1
=> 2

php> \help 
alias(es)                     <help>
exit,die,bye,quit             No help available.
reload                        Re-initialize the iphp state so it's just as if you quit and re-started.
help,?                        No help available.
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