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Splitabill API

The Splitabill API supports interacting with the social bill sharing service Splitabill via a programmatic interface.

The API is based on HTTP and the principles of REST, and is easy to use in all popular programming languages.

Access to the API

The Splitabill API is available for all users with a username and password to the service, without any costs.

All operations execute in the context of a logged-in user, and API clients have access to the same resources as a user using the Web interface.

Authentication is performed using HTTP Basic authentication, and the e-mail address and password for a user account must be sent in the HTTP Authorization header in all requests. To prevent credentials from being intercepted, HTTPS should be used for all communication.

Please note: We allow low-volume API requests for anonymous API clients. If you're developing an application or service intended for mass market release, please contact us in advance to get approved access.

Getting and manipulating resources

Resources are retrieved and manipulated using regular GET og POST operations against the resource URLs.

API client must set the Accept HTTP header to application/json to indicate that resources should be returned as JSON. When posting data to the API, the Content-Type header must also be set to application/json to indicate that the posted payload is JSON.

Example request using cURL:

curl -u -H 'Accept: application/json'

Available resources

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