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Emacs PDF Library

Author: Jason Feng
Copyright: This document (i.e. this README file) has been placed in the public domain.

This library is intended to allow elisp programs to deal with PDF files. The main motivation behind this is to allow users to do such things as viewing the outlines and annotations of a PDF file while using docview-mode.

Things it does not do:

  • Work in a robust manner
  • Work with any encryption other than the standard handler (and incompletely at that)
  • Anything particularly useful

I'm concentrating on that last bullet item at the moment.

At the moment, one thing it can be made to do is display a particular PDF document's outline in outline-mode format, allowing you to use whatever outline-mode key bindings may exist, while also allowing you to jump to the proper page by hitting Enter.

Currently, the way to bring up this functionality is to do (require 'pdf-util), open up your document in doc-view, and then do M-x pdf-outlines.

A screenshot of this functionality is shown here.