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This is the ultra-stable backbone full node and wallet for woodcoin, the project aiming to be the longest lived and cheapest public blockchain.

openssl version OpenSSL 1.1.0g 2 Nov 2017

If you have OpenSSL v. 1.0.x please use the "woodcoin-openssl-1.0" version of this repository located here:


The Woodcoin block chain is a log structured database.

The money supply is logarithmic.

The unit is log.

Dedicated to Log, Twig, Chip, Woody, and the rest of all y'all.


Technical Details:

  • RPC Port = 9338

  • P2P Ports = 8338 (testnet 18338)

  • In Wallet mining/logging = Console, "setgenerate true"

  • 120 Second Block Target, Diff Retarget every 1 hour

  • 30 Confirms for spendable-coins

  • Block reward = Harmonic Series

  • 1000000/nHeight logs (after first 100 blocks which form unspendable forest of 5187377 logs)

  • Money Supply = 1000000*(log(nHeight) + gamma) gamma=Euler-Mascheroni constant

  • ECDSA curve: X9_62_prime256v1

  • Algo = Pure Skein (double skein) Bruce Schneier is a lumberjack and NSA didn't choose this algo.

============================================= Build Instructions

You will need these dependencies or equivalent:

sudo apt-get install git build-essential libboost-all-dev libssl-dev qt-sdk libdb-dev libdb++-dev libminiupnpc-dev libqrencode-dev

Get the source with this command:

git clone

To build woodcoin-qt issue “qmake” and then “make“. qt4 is required, on some systems you may need to issue “export QT_SELECT=qt4” to ensure the proper version is used.

To build woodcoind by itself navigate to /src/ and issue make -f makefile.unix.

Mining (Woodcutting)

To start woodcutting with woodcoind, simply launch it like this:

./woodcoind setgenerate true

For the graphical client, simply go into the debug window (under Help) and type:

setgenerate true



  • v1.0 - Baruk Khazad! Woodcutting for the masses.

  • v1.1 - Hard fork to litecoin branch. Block 3002.

  • v1.2 - Solidifying full node w/ version update. Block 962000

Visit for more information.


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