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NOTE this open source project is now sandboxed

Red Hat has stopped funding this OSS project! Feel free to fork it and maintain it if you like.

If you're looking for a kubernetes based FaaS we recommend you try use one of these open source alternatives:


Funktion is an open source event driven lambda style programming model on top of Kubernetes. This project provides a command line tool for working with Funktion

Funktion supports hundreds of different trigger endpoint URLs including most network protocols, transports, databases, messaging systems, social networks, cloud services and SaaS offerings.

In a sense funktion is a serverless approach to event driven microservices as you focus on just writing funktions and Kubernetes takes care of the rest. Its not that there's no servers; its more that you as the funktion developer don't have to worry about managing them.

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Getting Started

Please Install Funktion then follow the Getting Started Guide


Please see the website and the User Guide


This project is Apache Licensed


You will need a recent install of go along with glide.

Then the first time you want to build you need to do this:

mkdir -p $GOHOME/src/
cd $GOHOME/src/
git clone
cd funktion
make bootstrap

Now whenever you want to do build you can just type


and you'll get a ./funktion binary you can play with

Running locally outside of docker

If you want to hack on the operator its often easier to just run it locally on your laptop using your local build via

./funktion operate

And scale down/delete the funktion-operator thats running inside kubernetes.

Provided your machine can talk to your kubernetes cluster via:

kubectl get pod
kubectl get node

then the funktion binary should be able to monitor and operate all your flows and functions.