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import inspect
import types
import typing
from import Container, Mapping
class Validator:
def is_valid(self, value):
except (TypeError, ValueError):
return False
return True
class NoneValidator(Validator):
def __call__(self, value):
if value is not None:
raise TypeError(f'Value {value !r} is not of type NoneType')
class InstanceValidator(Validator):
Validates only that the value isinstance(type)
def __init__(self, _type):
self._type = _type
def __call__(self, value):
if not isinstance(value, self._type):
raise TypeError(f"Value {value !r} is not of type '{self._type.__name__}'.")
class ContainerValidator(Validator):
def __init__(self, _type):
self.base = _type.__origin__
self.inner_type = validator_for(_type.__args__[0])
def __call__(self, value):
if not isinstance(value, self.base):
raise TypeError(f"{value !r} is not a Container")
def validate_contents(self, value):
for item in value:
class MappingValidator(ContainerValidator):
def __init__(self, _type):
self.base = _type.__origin__
self.key_type = validator_for(_type.__args__[0])
self.value_type = validator_for(_type.__args__[1])
def validate_contents(self, value):
for key, value in value.items():
class UnionValidator(Validator):
def __init__(self, _type):
self.args = [
for t in _type.__args__
def __call__(self, value):
if not any(
arg.is_valid(value) for arg in self.args
raise ValueError(f'{value !r} is not allowed type.')
def validator_for(_type):
Utility function to create a Type validator callable.
if isinstance(_type, type(None)):
return NoneValidator()
if inspect.isclass(_type) and issubclass(_type, Schema):
return _type
if isinstance(_type, typing._GenericAlias):
base = _type.__origin__
if inspect.isclass(base):
if issubclass(base, Container):
if issubclass(base, Mapping):
return MappingValidator(_type)
return ContainerValidator(_type)
# Optional, Any, AnyStr ?
elif isinstance(base, typing._SpecialForm):
if base._name == 'Union':
return UnionValidator(_type)
return InstanceValidator(_type)
class SchemaProperty:
def __init__(self, _type, default):
self._type = _type
self.default = default
def __set_name__(self, owner, name): = name
def __get__(self, instance, owner):
if instance is None:
return self
return instance.__dict__[]
except KeyError:
if self.default is NO_DEFAULT:
raise AttributeError(f'Schema {instance} has no value for {}')
return self.default
def __set__(self, instance, value):
if inspect.isclass(self._type) and issubclass(self._type, Schema):
value = self._type(**value)
elif isinstance(self._type, Validator):
if not self._type.is_valid(value):
raise ValueError(f'{instance.__class__.__name__}.{} does not accept value {value !r}')
instance.__dict__[] = value
class SchemaType(type):
def __new__(mcs, classname, bases, namespace, **kwargs):
for name, _type in namespace.get('__annotations__', {}).items():
if name.startswith('__') and name.endswith('__'):
default = namespace.get(name, NO_DEFAULT)
if isinstance(default, types.FunctionType):
_type = validator_for(_type)
namespace[name] = SchemaProperty(_type, default)
return type.__new__(mcs, classname, bases, namespace, **kwargs)
class Schema(metaclass=SchemaType):
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
for name, value in kwargs.items():
setattr(self, name, value)
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