An example to implement a Flipboard-like new version checker
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Flipboard-like update checker

A Flipboard-like update checker.

  1. Copy in your project classes SMUpdateNotifier, SMURLConnection and protocol SMUpdaterDelegate

  2. Upload a file to a web server and set the value of REMOTE_VERSION_FILE
    File should contain just the version number, e.g. 1.2

  3. Set the value of APP_NAME
  4. Whenever you like to check for a new version just use this code.

    SMUpdateNotifier *n = [[SMUpdateNotifier alloc] initWithDelegate:self];
    [n checkIfNewVersionExists];

  5. Your class should implement the SMUpdaterDelegate, which has three delegate methods

    -(void) newVersionExists:(NSString *)versionNumber
    -(void) thereIsNoNewVersion
    -(void) requestFailedwithError:(NSError *) error

Names should be pretty self-explanatory :)

Check out the code in the application delegate to see an example.