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This is the source for the Onorată Instanță website.

How to build

The site is rendered using Jekyll. This happens automatically because the site is hosted with GitHub Pages.

Build with Docker


The site is generated in the _site directory.

Local Jekyll

You can also install Jekyll, and run the build. The --watch flag will re-generate the site if any file is modified. You can see the output at http://localhost:3000.

jekyll build --watch
gulp watch


The leaf pages (for each "instanță" and "parchet") are pre-generated from CSV files. The code is inside the _build folder, and you can run it, should you want to update the CSV data, or change the templates for the leaf pages.

The scripts in _data run on node.js, here's how to run them:

cd _bulid
npm install
./node_modules/.bin/gulp data