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Translate text right in your code
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Vscode Google Translate

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Quickly translate text right in your code 🚀



Translate selected text

  1. Select some text to translate
  2. Press ALT+SHIFT+T
  3. Select the output languages you want and enjoy 👍

Translate a line under cursor

This feature inserts a newline under the current one with translation

  1. Set cursor/cursors on line(s) to translate
  2. Select menu 'Translate line(s) under the cursor'
  3. Select the output languages you want and enjoy

Keyboard shortcut

If the keyboard shortcut doesn't work for you, you have two options:

  • Open the command palette and manually select 'Translate selection(s)'
  • Open your keyboard shortcuts, search for 'Translate selection(s)' and set a new shortcut for this command.

Preferred language settings

Want to quickly translate into a specific language? Here's how to set your preferred language to Japanese.

  1. Get your preferred language code from the web.
  2. Add the following setting to your workspace: "vscodeGoogleTranslate.preferredLanguage": "ja"
  3. Open the command palette and select "Translate selection(s) to preferred language".

Proxy Support

You can use a proxy to translate text with the following settings:

"": ""       // Proxy disabled if empty
"vscodeGoogleTranslate.port": "8080"            // Proxy port
"vscodeGoogleTranslate.username": "admin"       // Proxy auth disabled if empty
"vscodeGoogleTranslate.password": "password"    // Proxy password

Pull request

Pull request are welcome. Fork the project, clone it, install dependencies npm i and start coding :-).

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