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Ops School Curriculum

Build Status

The current documentation based on these sources can be seen at:


If you have arrived here, you are probably interested in helping out. So thank you for your time.

Things you should know:

This is the only Markdown file in the repository, as it's not meant to be included in the documentation itself.

If you are looking to add content, fix formatting, syntax, typos or other wonderful things, please follow this process:

  • Install Sphinx: easy_install Sphinx or pip install Sphinx
  • Fork the opsschool/curriculum repo to your own account
  • Check out a branch to make your changes on: git checkout --branch <my_topic>
  • Execute make html to build the docs in to _build/
  • Make your changes
  • Execute make html again and verify your changes don't cause any warnings/errors
  • Commit with a descriptive message, and submit a pull request from your branch to master
  • One of the editors will review the change, and either merge it or provide some feedback. Community review is also encouraged.

If you submit a pull request and would like to have your name associated with the project, add it to the credits.rst file!

Some cool things:

  • vim-common contains a reStructuredText syntax highlighter
  • The Emacs support via rst-mode comes as part of the docutils package under /docutils/tools/editors/emacs/rst.el
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