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= RailsDbBrowser
Simple database browser for Rails application backed by ActiveRecord
== Instalation
=== Rails 2.3
in config/environment.rb
config.gem 'rails_db_browser'
and then create an app/metal/db_browse.rb
DbBrowse ='/db_browse')
=== Rails 3
in Rails 3 in Gemfile
gem 'rails_db_browser'
in config/routes.rb
match "db_browse(/*s)", :to =>'/db_browse')
== Security
It is up to you to provide security.
You could check environment and run browser only in development.
If you user Rails 2.3 then you still should provide empty Rack application as metal
class DbBrowse
[404, nil, nil]
You could use Rack::Builder with combination of any Rack authentication middleware
DbBrowse = do
use RailsDbBrowser::URLTruncate, '/db_browse'
use Rack::Auth::Basic, 'db_browser' do |user, password|
user == 'admin' && password == 'iamgod'
run RailsDbBrowser::DbBrowser
(Well, I've tested it in Rails2.3. Rails3 application with Devise falls on wrong password)
== Repository
Source is hosted on github
== Copyright
Copyright (c) 2010 Sokolov Yura aka funny_falcon, released under the MIT license