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*baselayout-2.1.8 (17 Aug 2010)
17 Aug 2010; Daniel Robbins <> +baselayout-2.1.8.ebuild:
modprobe.d conf suffixes were accidentally dropped from ebuild -
this fixes that issue.
*baselayout-2.1.7 (16 Aug 2010)
16 Aug 2010; Daniel Robbins <> +baselayout-2.1.7.ebuild:
New baselayout that enables UTF-8 by default (but preserves standard
LC_COLLATE order so default 'ls' output is less weird.)
*baselayout-2.1.1 (01 Aug 2009)
01 Aug 2009; Daniel Robbins <> +baselayout-2.1.1.ebuild:
Add .conf suffixes to modprobe.d files.
*baselayout-2.1 (31 Jul 2009)
31 Jul 2009; Daniel Robbins <> +baselayout-2.1.ebuild:
new baselayout ebuild - rewritten quite a bit - reduced device nodes, more
.keep files, various changes in core files including an /etc/fstab that
contains a working sample config with /dev/sda{1,2,3} as boot, swap and
root respectively. /etc/issue* intentionally removed.
*baselayout-2.0.0 (22 Mar 2008)
22 Mar 2008; Mike Frysinger <>:
Now baselayout is just for base files. All of the init stuff has been forked
into OpenRC. For older changelogs, consult svn.
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