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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
<flag name="bwscheduler">Schedule upload and download limits over a period of a week</flag>
<flag name="downloadorder">Specify the download order of a multi-file torrent</flag>
<flag name="kross">Enable kross scripting support</flag>
<flag name="infowidget">Displays general information about a torrent in several tabs</flag>
<flag name="ipfilter">Filter IP addresses through a blocklist</flag>
<flag name="logviewer">Displays the logging output</flag>
<flag name="magnetgenerator">Generates magnet URI's</flag>
<flag name="mediaplayer">Phonon-based media player</flag>
<flag name="rss">Syndication plugin for KTorrent, supporting RSS and Atom feeds</flag>
<flag name="scanfolder">Scan folders for torrent files and load them</flag>
<flag name="search">Search for torrents</flag>
<flag name="shutdown">Shutdown when done</flag>
<flag name="stats">Shows statistics about torrents in several graphs</flag>
<flag name="upnp">Forward ports using UPnP</flag>
<flag name="webinterface">Allows control of KTorrent via a web interface</flag>
<flag name="zeroconf">Discover peers on the local network using the Zeroconf protocol</flag>
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