Community submitted/maintained ebuilds for Funtoo Linux.
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app-crypt/mimegpg FL-3950: add mimegpg ebuild courtesy of Slavko Ja Jul 21, 2017
app-emulation/docker-compose-bin Bumped app-emulation/docker-compose-bin to 1.10.0 Jan 30, 2017
app-misc/bugwarrior FL-3867: Added app-misc/bugwarrior and dev-python/taskw ebuilds Jun 21, 2017
app-portage Fixed src_unpack for chuse 1.2 Aug 13, 2017
app-text/zerobinpaste Moved app-text/zerobinpaste from sapher-overlay to flora Apr 30, 2017
dev-embedded/arduino-bin FL-3394: update arduino-bin Nov 24, 2016
dev-java/rmiio FL-4045: add dev-java/rmiio by Ryan Harris Aug 10, 2017
dev-libs/cbang Bump dev-libs/cbang Mar 2, 2017
dev-python Bumped dev-python/appi to 0.1.1 Aug 16, 2017
dev-util/gambas FL-3620: add gambas into flora Mar 9, 2017
games-action FL-3516: Added games-action/voxelands Jan 29, 2017
licenses adding missing renoise-EULA Jun 22, 2017
lxde-base/lxterminal FL-3509: workaround lxterminal by disabling gtk3 support Feb 1, 2017
mail-client/s-nail FL-3817: add s-nail Jun 30, 2017
media-gfx FL-3754: keyword posterazor, works ok May 14, 2017
media-sound FL-3434: change to dev-cpp/htmlcxx Dec 12, 2016
metadata set masters, so it does not complain about it. May 25, 2016
net-libs/ChakraCore FL-3521: Added media-gfx/CAMotics and dependencies Feb 14, 2017
profiles First flora commit. Mar 14, 2016
sci-electronics/OpenBoardView FL-3736: add OpenBoardView May 15, 2017
sys-fs/smdev add smdev from causelay overlay and drop it from merged overlays Nov 15, 2016
www-apps/zerobin FL-3222: drop nikola as it now added in gentoo tree. Jun 16, 2017
www-client/brave-bin Bumped brave-bin to version 0.17.13 Jul 9, 2017
x11-misc Moved x11-misc/lemonbar from sapher-overlay to flora Apr 30, 2017
x11-terms/cool-retro-term FL-3159: add cool-retro-term in flora Sep 13, 2016
x11-wm Moved Qtile from sapher overlay to flora and bumped to 0.10.7 Apr 14, 2017
xfce-extra/thunar-dropbox add threads python required use as needed for waf. Apr 15, 2016
COPYRIGHT.txt First flora commit. Mar 14, 2016
LICENSE.txt initial commit Jul 8, 2014
README.rst First flora commit. Mar 14, 2016


Flora Overlay

This is the "flora" overlay which is used for extra submitted ebuilds from the Funtoo user community.

How to Contribute to this Overlay

To contribute to this overlay, you can fork it and issue a pull request on GitHub. Alternatively, you can submit a new ebuild using the Funtoo bug tracker at