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This example shows how you might configure a fast 2Gbps intra-server link.
eth4 and eth5 (let's assume this is an Intel PCI Express dual-port gigabit
adapter) are bonded, creating the "bond0" device, which is then added to the
br1 bridge. The br1 bridge is configured with an non-routeable IP. No DNS
information is associated with this network connection, so there is no call to
resolvconf. (If you need to set up name servers, copy resolvconf lines from

We do not need to explicitly create a route for the network, since a network
route will be automatically created for br1 when we assign an IP address to it
(type "route -n" to verify).

Other network devices, such as OpenVZ or Xen virtual ethernet devices, can be
added to the bridge as well. The MTU for all interfaces is set to 9000 bytes.

Note that the br1 bridge will use the lesser of all child interface MTUs as
its MTU, so if you want the bridge to have a 9000 MTU, make sure all child
devices added to the bridge have an MTU of 9000.
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