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fix gvfs manifest

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1 parent cdffe91 commit 08c450436e8808f210670d36a076bd09b9fa7f73 @angryvincent angryvincent committed
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  1. +2 −0 gnome-base/gvfs/Manifest
2 gnome-base/gvfs/Manifest
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+DIST gvfs-1.12.3.tar.xz 1361968 RMD160 9f5cdfd3982fec928ebd3260d3962dc380301830 SHA1 da45f1e0c119a8ddd0aec7c2b2664dfc11ce66bb SHA256 38f69ec92083f86a51e7814e98d2861151f16dfb3abe4b3b39488408e12fd9c2
+DIST libgcrypt.m4.bz2 1526 RMD160 6149f51c00e1e21d85187136f7682e41271fed40 SHA1 1731ae882cdc7c53efeef2e23e0d2d9791c6d739 SHA256 ce9d04f9cbd5417e4d4ba91095c06cea4852c70d75716311e82dfc243d2f0128

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