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handy script for dealing with 1.0 profile development

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+This script copies the targets of 01-gentoo symlnks into the profile directory
+within funtoo-overlay. It is designed to be run from the root of the funtoo
+overlay, with the root of the gentoo portage tree passed as a first argument:
+# cd /root/git/funtoo-overlay
+# funtoo/scripts/ /var/git/portage-gentoo
+Then, all broken 01-gentoo symlinks will no longer be broken, as the source
+files will now exist in funtoo-overlay.
+import os
+import commands
+import sys
+s, x = commands.getstatusoutput("find -name 01-gentoo -type l")
+for line in x.split():
+ src=os.path.normpath(sys.argv[1]+"/"+os.path.dirname(line)+"/"+os.readlink(line))
+ dest=os.path.normpath(os.getcwd()+"/"+src[len(sys.argv[1]):])
+ os.system("install -d %s" % os.path.dirname(dest))
+ os.system("cp %s %s" % ( src, dest ))

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