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# ChangeLog for metro
# Copyright 2008-2014 Funtoo Technologies, LLC; Distributed under the GPL v2
*metro-1.5.1 (19 Mar 2010)
Move from dev-util/git to dev-vcs/git (Gentoo upstream change).
Disable funtoo udev in openvz - not necessary with newer udevs that
auto-disable but keeping it anyway.
*metro-1.5.0 (21 Feb 2010)
support for portage/files/package.mask (Caleb Tennis)
deprecate vserver target (Benedikt Bohm)
add baselayout/services support (Benedikt Bohm)
/etc/shadow perm changes to sync with Gentoo (Benedikt Bohm)
Rename section git to snapshot/source for consistency (Benedikt Bohm)
Make MAKEOPTS optional (Benedikt Bohm)
Rewrite of snapshot target (Benedikt Bohm)
Use 10.0 profile in Gentoo builds.
New core2_32 subarch.
New opteron_32 subarch.
New mirror cleaning script (scripts/
New download stats script (scripts/
Add --keep-going=n to emerge to allow immediate build aborts.
Locale.gen CONFIG_PROTECT fix.
*metro-1.4.1 (29 Jun 2009)
.control directory format improved further.
various fixes.
*metro-1.4.0 (26 Jun 2009)
Removal of all conditionals - conditionals deprecated to simplify
New .control directory format.
Added ssse3 to HOSTUSE for phenom subarch
ccache robustness fix
reworking of fslayout - moved to relative paths
python-2.6 fix
"emerge" target improvements and fix
Added dhcpcd to Gentoo's stage3, too.
git-snapshot - allow active branch for tarball to be specified.
emerge/packages/clean support
Added missing device nodes (urandom,random,zero) to openvz spec.
Multi-line variable support.
Auto-clean configurable on/off.
Funtoo stage2 build fixes and cleanups; addition of perl-5.10
global disabling of sandbox during builds
*metro-1.3.0 (1 Apr 2009)
1 Apr 2009; Daniel Robbins <>: New feature enhancement
Multi-mode: Metro can now build multiple targets with a single command.
This functionality is called "multi-mode" and the multi-mode settings
are currently defined on a per-build basis, in /etc/metro/builds/.
scripts/ has been updated to take advantage of multi-mode.
Multi-mode is used by passing "multi: yes" to Metro.
Triggers: Triggers are arbitrary scripts that can be run when a build
completes. In Metro 1.3.0, "success" triggers have been added to Metro.
This allows digests to be generated, or critical files to be updated, when a
build completes successfully. Metro currently uses triggers to update the
"lastdate" and "subarch" control files. scripts/ has been simplified
as it no longer has to manually update the control files.
Linux vserver target: Thanks to a contribution by Benedikt Bohm,
Metro can now build Linux vserver templates in addition to OpenVZ
New native32 and native64 subarches: have gcc optimize for your locally-detected
CPU - contributed by Jeff Mitchell.
New generic32 and generic64 subarches, which will use -mtune=generic and build
a generic version optimized for modern CPUs. Be sure to use an x86 or
amd64 seed stage for building your own generic32 and generic64 builds.
New opteron and opteron-sse3 subarches. These are AMD-specific 64-bit
Phenom and i686 subarches have been improved.
New, cleaner filesystem layout for the mirror directory -- yes, even more
reorganization. Unstable funtoo builds are now in the "~funtoo" directory.
Notice how the "~" is now associated with the build (there is a
corresponding /etc/metro/builds/~funtoo.conf) rather than the subarch. If
you want to build an unstable funtoo amd64 build, set metro/build: to
~funtoo and target/subarch: to amd64 (not ~amd64). This is a more logical
and normalized path structure.
scripts/ has been updated so that it works the same way it always
did -- "scripts/ ~amd64 freshen" still does the same thing, for
example, even though Metro no longer uses "~amd64" internally.
Local perms: Metro enforces stricter permissions on its work directories in
order to prevent malicious injecting of files and/or binaries into builds.
A security hole in baselayout-2.0.0 has been addressed by ensuring that
/etc/shadow is readable and writeable only by the root user. An additional
security baseline check has been added to all Gentoo targets which ensures
that /etc/shadow and other critical files have proper permissions and
Parser now supports relative paths in collect annotations, such as
"[collect ./stage/steps.spec]"
Continued work on "new" parser, which Metro isn't using yet. Enhanced
error reporting capabilities.
New chroot/test step which current performs a security baseline check for
critical files to ensure that permissions and ownership are correct.
gentoo/stage3-freshen target now uses --deep and --newuse. gentoo/stage3
now runs eselect vi to enable busybox vi on the default stage3 build.
gentoo/stage3-freshen target now emerges @preserved-rebuild set if it
exists to ensure things are properly rebuilt.
chroot-based targets now run steps/chroot/{pre,post}run, just like the
stage targets. (Contributor: Benedikt Bohm)
New portage/devices target to specify the device node sets to create
using MAKEDEV (Contributor: Benedikt Bohm). Specifying device node sets
will cause Metro to not bind-mount /dev and /dev/pts inside the build
Bind mounts will work properly even if /var/tmp/metro contains a symlink
somewhere in the path (ie. /var/tmp is a symlink.) (Credit for bug report:
Tim Dysinger)
Even more bind-mount robustness fixes, which don't fix a particular bug
but should handle unusual problems even more carefully.
*metro-1.2.3 (02 Feb 2009)
02 Feb 2009; Daniel Robbins <>: New feature enhancement
release: "package cache" support for stage1/stage2/stage3/stage3-quick,
every build has its own private compiler cache directory, reworking of
directory structure for caches in /var/tmp/metro, stage3-quick build fix,
tar command-line rsync snapshot fix from Yannick Chabanois
(, probe enhancements and normalization,
Phenom support from Víctor Román Archidona <daijo@daijo.o>, world file
*metro-1.2.2 (19 Dec 2008)
19 Dec 2008; Daniel Robbins <>: Parser bug fix
*metro-1.2.1 (17 Dec 2008)
17 Dec 2008; Daniel Robbins <>: New release: fix a
couple of silly bugs.
*metro-1.2 (15 Dec 2008)
15 Dec 2008; Daniel Robbins <>: New release:
The 1.2 release contains quite a few
* NEW target: "stage3-freshen" uses emerge -up world to update stage
* NEW target: "stage3-quick" builds stage3->stage3, skipping stage1 and 2.
* NEW target: "git-snapshot" creates a full .tar.bz2 snapshot of git repo
with the .git directory intact, so it is a full working git repo when
* NEW target: "emerge" for adding packages to an existing stage3
* NEW subarch: ~core2 for Intel Core 2 series processors. Supported with
gcc 4.3.2 which is in the funtoo build.
* Updated targets: "openvz" updated to support OpenRC 0.4.0.
* stage3-freshen supports emerge/packages/force target, which is a list
of packages to rebuild using "emerge <packages>". This is a great way
to force a rebuild of packages that may need to be rebuilt but did not
get a rev-bump (ie. openrc.:)
* Metro now properly cleans /var/tmp/metro after it is done, unless the
build aborted due to an error.
* scripts/ now supports stage3-freshen and stage3-quick by
allowing an extra "quick" or "freshen" option as the last argument.
* scripts/ now creates a "current" symlink pointing to the most
recent stage3 built. This "current" symlink exists in the subarch
directory and the filename is "stage3-subarch-current.tar.bz2."
* scripts/ now uses "git-snapshot" for funtoo builds, so funtoo
snapshots are now double the size but are a full working and "git pull"-
able git repo, simplifying funtoo install process.
* stage3 targets: try to ensure that /etc/make.conf.example exists.
Create a symlink from /etc/make.conf.example to
* metro core: robust mount point detection using /proc/mounts instead of
output from the mount command, which can be unreliable.
* metro core: more robust umount algorithm.
* metro core: local name support, so your custom stages don't need to be
called "funtoo" anymore. Also quite useful with the "emerge" target for
creating custom stage3's with different names.
* metro core: ccache works correctly, but has been disabled by default as
it may cause build failures when used with Portage parallel merges
(--jobs) and we now have "stage3-freshen" and "stage3-quick" when we need
a stage3 built quickly.
* parser syntax: For conditionals, the "in" keyword is now supported as
an equivalent for "is".
* parser syntax: New "lax" expansion method, ie: $[foo:lax] will expand
to foo if it is defined, otherwise it will not throw a parser error
(as it normally would) and instead expand to a dummy value which may
contain spaces.
* Documentation: github wiki documentation updated to reflect new features
and QuickStart Guide refined to be easier to understand.
* Projects: new projects/ directory contains source code for
Web site. Web site redesigned to be more of a portal for new
Funtoo builds. The funtoo Web site can be generated by running
"pytext index.html" (sent to stdout.) Embedded python code automatically
updates Web site symlinks to point to most recent versions of builds
and list relevant build-related information. Support for displaying
build dates in human-parseable form (ie. "Yesterday" or "2 Days Ago".)
*metro-1.1 (04 Nov 2008)
04 Nov 2008; Daniel Robbins <>: New release:
* Reorganized /etc/metro directory
* NEW: "Builds" defined in /etc/metro/builds/ - all key build information
now in a single file for convenience.
* NEW: "FSLayouts" defined in /etc/metro/fslayouts/ - all mirror-related
file names and path structures now in a single file.
* NEW: OpenVZ template support for Funtoo stages, enabled in
* NEW: Reorganized file paths inside /usr/lib/metro.
* NEW: Working gentoo/emerge target, when you just want to take a stage3
and create something new by emerging stuff in it.
* NEW: Targets now have an OS prefix. What was target: snapshot is now
target: gentoo/snapshot, etc. The path structure in /usr/lib/metro has
also been improved so that people can easily create a
/usr/lib/metro/targets/myos/ directory and start hacking.
* NEW: Several parser bug fixes
* FIX: Improvements to metro have allowed scripts/ to be simplified.
* NEW: Improved error and exception handling
* NEW: Enhanced Portage git snapshot support - Metro will now keep a
local cache of a git repository so it doesn't need to re-clone it
every time, saving bandwidth. This cache location is defined in the
path/cache/git variable in /etc/metro/metro.conf.
* Embedded Python interpreter can no longer reference Metro metadata
directly. This prevents weird side-effects from occurring.
* NEW: Conditional expansion - a variable such as $[foo?] will get
expanded to "yes" if defined and "no" if not defined, providing
easy integration with scripts so you don't throw a parser exception
by referencing an undefined variable.
* NEW: "zap" expansion - in a multi-line element, a variable such
as $[foo:zap] will get expanded to the name of the variable if it is
defined. If it is not defined, however, then the entire line will
be deleted from the output. This allows very compact conditional
lines in templates like this:
* FIX: MAKEOPTS now properly applied to Gentoo builds, speeding up
builds on multi-core systems significantly.
* NEW: [options parse/lax] and [options parse/strict] to disable and
enable strict parsing, respectively. When lax parsing is enabled,
any referenced undefined variables in multi-line elements will get
dummy values, but an exception will not be thrown.
* NEW: conditonal sections - it's now possible to write:
[section foo when bar]
This is equivalent to the old:
[section foo]
[when bar]
* NEW: conditional equality - it's now possible for all conditionals
to test for equality, such as:
[section foo when bar is oni]
[when bar is oni]
* NEW: conditional list-match - it's now possible to see if an element
matches a list of values, such as:
[section foo when target/subarch is x86 amd64 pentium4]
This section will be active if target/subarch has a value that matches
one of the specified values.
* CHANGE: multi-line elements that are referenced inside other multi-line
elements, using the syntax $[[foo]], will only get expanded if they
appear at the beginning of the line. This allows them to easily be
commented out by prefixing them by a "#" or any other character. In this
case, the $[[foo]] will not be expanded and will be passed to the output
* CHANGE: path/mirror/srcstage and path/mirror/deststage have been
renamed to /path/mirror/source and path/mirror/target respectively.
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