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Things to add to the parser:
Add support for conditional definitions being defined based on conditional
definitions. It's possible to have loops (detect them) but it's also possible
to have unrelated conditions that are perfectly fine. Not supporting
conditional definitions based on other conditional definitions forces people to
work-around perfectly fine situations for no apparent reason.
We have support for $[foo:zap], which will be $[foo] if defined, and if not,
zap the whole line from output. We also have $[foo?] which will be "yes" if
$[foo] is defined, and "no" otherwise. But we don't have a modifier like
$[foo:opt] that will be $[foo] if $[foo] is defined, otherwise "". This seems
like an obvious and useful addition.
Support non-standard Portage and distfiles locations (requested
by Caleb Cushing)
Add support to targets so they can detect when another metro process
may be building something identical, so metro doesn't try to kill off
the other build.
Use this in combination
with the priority system to define paths.
Add priority option for when and section annotations, so Metro can
choose one based on priority if multiple ones match.
ISO support
add kernel build support (genkernel or raw)
, and maybe for Metro 1.4:
add a way to extend steps, so you can have a target-specific "Clean"
as well as a global clean. This should be part of the data model and
may use some kind of OOP or list concept? not quite DONE
do lastdate with snapshots to avoid creating identical snapshot files