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adding threads use, required by python/mercurial

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1 parent aa3e4b4 commit 7218a35fe6bdd5b1454a6c4381fa9a24008fb24b @angryvincent angryvincent committed Mar 10, 2012
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2 targets/gentoo/stage1.spec
@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ emerge -u sys-apps/portage || die
export buildpkgs="$(python /tmp/"
export BOOTSTRAP_USE="$(portageq envvar BOOTSTRAP_USE)"
-export USE="-* bindist build xml ${BOOTSTRAP_USE} ssl"
+export USE="-* bindist build xml ${BOOTSTRAP_USE} ssl threads"
export FEATURES="$FEATURES nodoc noman noinfo"
# In some cases permissions of the root directory are false, force them to 755

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