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system initialization scripts and startup


make install
Yup, that simple. Works with GNU make.

You may wish to tweak the installation with the below arguments

We don't support building a static OpenRC with PAM.
You may need to use PROGLDFLAGS=-Wl,-Bstatic on glibc instead of just -static.
If you debug memory under valgrind, add -DDEBUG_MEMORY to your CPPFLAGS
so that all malloc memory should be freed at exit.
If you are building OpenRC for a Gentoo Prefix installation, add

You can also brand OpenRC if you so wish like so
BRANDING=\"Gentoo/$(uname -s)\"

PKG_PREFIX should be set to where packages install to by default.
LOCAL_PREFIX should be set when to where user maintained packages are.
Only set LOCAL_PREFIX if different from PKG_PREFIX.
PREFIX should be set when OpenRC is not installed to /.

If any of the following files exist then we do not overwrite them

rc and rc.shutdown are the hooks from the BSD init into OpenRC.
devd.conf is modified from FreeBSD to call /etc/rc.devd which is a generic
hook into OpenRC.
inittab is the same, but for SysVInit as used by most Linux distributions.
This can be found in the support folder.
Obviously, if you're installing this onto a system that does not use OpenRC
by default then you may wish to backup the above listed files, remove them
and then install so that the OS hooks into OpenRC.

init.d.misc is not installed by default as the scripts will need
tweaking on a per distro basis. They are also non essential to the operation
of the system.

As of OpenRC-0.12, the net.* scripts, originally from Gentoo Linux, have
been removed. If you need these scripts, look for a package called
netifrc, which is maintained by them.

Reporting Bugs
Since Gentoo Linux is hosting OpenRC development, Bugs should go to
the Gentoo Bugzilla:
They should be filed under the "Gentoo Hosted Projects" product and
the "openrc" component.

History - by Roy Marples
I became a Gentoo/Linux developer in 2004 and wrote the modular network
scripts for the Gentoo baselayout package. baselayout is a collection of
bash scripts to bring up your computer and its services.
Then towards the end of 2005 I found myself as the primary maintainer
for baselayout.

At the start of 2007, baselayout-2 is announced to the world, re-writing the
core of baselayout in C and allowing POSIX sh init scripts instead of
forcing the use of bash. By Mid 2007 I have re-written everything, including
init scripts, and alpha and pre baselayout-2 snapshots where put into Gentoo.
Towards the end of 2007 I retired as a Gentoo developer for reasons I won't
go into here. baselayout-2 was still in the pre stage, and aside from the
fbsd users, it was masked everywhere. However, I also desired to keep the
baselayout-2 project alive, but outside of Gentoo and into other projects
such as FreeBSD.

As such, the Gentoo Council have allowed the creation of OpenRC under the
2 clause BSD license, managed by me as an external project.
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