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- ensure all forks block, restore and unblock signals. needs review
- add support somehow for optional translations
- oldnet[bridging]: Review setting of bridge configuration on dynamic interface add
- Document rc-depend binary.
- _ifindex is not a reliable means of calculating metrics:
_ifindex is used for calculating metrics for new devices but has a major
problem: Since it's only the nth entry in /proc/net/dev
And devices may be removed from that file, and reordered, you won't always
get the same result.
If you do:
- add eth0 - _ifindex (eth0=0)
- add vlan1 - _ifindex (eth0=0,vlan1=1)
- add vlan2 - _ifindex (eth0=0,vlan1=1,vlan2=2)
- rem vlan1 - _ifindex (eth0=0,vlan2=1)
- add vlan3 - _ifindex (eth0=0,vlan2=1,vlan3=2)
Now your routing table has entries for both vlan2 and vlan3 with a metric of 2.
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