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globalcitizen commented Aug 2, 2012

In the case that a system is booted diskless with NFS root, such as in a cluster I am building, then the OpenRC default behavior crashes the system. A new 'subsume_bond<x>="<kernel-autoconfigured-iface>"' option in /etc/conf.d/net is implemented to resolve the issue, and a warning is added where bonding is used on systems with root on NFS in order to advertise the solution.


Whissi commented Oct 30, 2012

Hello! Thanks for your pull request and sorry for the late response. Funtoo is using its own bug tracker, that's why we didn't saw this issue, I ported your bug to

If you don't want to register at Funtoo's bug tracker, I can port your answer again.

The current question is:
We do not use Gentoo's network scripts. Has this bug been reproduced on Funtoo Linux?

rh1 commented Jul 1, 2013

Closing this per response in

rh1 closed this Jul 1, 2013

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